All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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Negligence Claims

Every Medical Claim is Different and So Too is Every Solicitor

Not every Solicitor is the right choice to handle a medical, surgical or dental claim. These actions are very complex and require a detailed and planned approach to the clinical investigation. If things are not set out properly from the start then like an off course ship, by the end of the journey things are likely to be completely lost and  it might not be possible for anyone to set them right again. 

Do not make a mistake in your choice of medical lawyer, the Law Society of England and Wales has developed a specialist panel of expert qualified clinical - medical lawyers who have years of experience and training in medical, dental and surgical claims and they are the Solicitors best placed to deal with your action. 

Medical, Dental Surgical Solicitor Claim No Win No Fee
No Win No Fee Medical Solicitors

What is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence, or as it is more properly known, clinical negligence, is a term used to describe a breach of a duty of care by a doctor, nurse, dentist or other such  professional through negligent or dangerous medical malpractice which results in an injury, expense, loss or suffering.


If you or someone you know has been let down by such poor care, wrong advice, poor treatment, medical mistake or lack of attention it is possible that you or they can make a medical negligence claim for compensation. Speak to us today and your claim will be handled by certified Law Society Medical Negligence Professional Solicitor.  

Why Use Us for your Medical, Dental or Surgical Negligence Claim?

As Specialist Law Society Panel Members, you will benefit because;


We will properly present your claim for the maximum amount of medical compensation and the fastest most rapid settlement.


Additionally, your claim can be funded by an unbeatable no win no fee agreement.


We take only 20% of your winning damages and nothing if you lose.  We are a respected no win no fee medical negligence claims company, don't waste time just call or email to get your claim resolved. 

MedicalPanel Experts Unique  No Win No Fee Funding
Specialist Medical Panel

A Rapid Claim Resolution at a Glance

Who will Run My Medical Claim? - A Law Society Medical Specialist

When Will My Medical Claim Begin? - The Day you Authorise us to Act

When Will My Medical Claim End? - Typically Within 9-12 Months Depending on Complexity

How Much Will I Get ? - Every Medical Claim is Different - Our Average Recovery  is £22,723.00

How Much Do You Charge?- We take 20% of the Compensation and Nothing Else. 


How long will it take- We are geared toward rapid claim resolution, each claim is different. 

  If you win your case a maximum of 20% will be taken from your damages. If you lose then no charges at all ever! 


Selecting a specialist panel member as your lawyer means - a higher chance of rapid claim settlement and less chance of your claim being caught up in a lengthy Court Action. 


Contact us today for an unlimited no obligation and completely free assessment.  

We have the Best Medical


  • Experts Across the UK - We use the best not the cheapest. 

  • Leaders in their field with published research papers in your area of medicine. 

  • Experts from every clinical and surgical specialty.

  • Implant Claims Specialists

We have the Best Solicitors

  • Law Society Clinical Panel - The best medical lawyers. 

  • Medical Qualifications

  • Average length of experience  23 years

  • Pure Medical and Dental Lawyers

  • We know the industry and we know the claims.; 

  • 20 Years of Dental Claims experience against both the NHS and Private Dental Practice

We have the Best Deal

  • A Maximum of 20% Deduction - unlike the others who start at 25%

  • Free Insurance - no surprises at the end. 

  • Free Will for all successful clients

  • Law Society Medical  Panel Solicitor - the best you can get.

  • Local Representation - No London Call Center just local lawyers. 

  • Highest Service Standards

"A Dental, Surgical or Medical Claim Assessment is just 5 mins on the phone after which you are free to choose to continue with a claim or think about it - you will have some answers and know the way forward" 

"Just finished my dental treatment with the money I claimed back. Such a rapid resolution I cannot thank you enough" 

"I spoke to my new dentist and he said he had been to one of your seminars, he said you be be able to help, with the treatment I go through you I am back to 100%"


I just want to thank you for everything you did for my husband in his neglect case, I am so grateful, you were a rock for us"

"I hope no one I know ever has to go through this but if they do, I'm sending them to you"

"I had no idea that a dental claim would pay all that, its more than my car was worth"

Accreditation Clinical Negligence colour

"I was lucky to stumble upon you, everything that went right medically in my nhs claim can be linked to that day,  thank you for everything"

"Everything you said about my legal claim, came true at every stage"

With Law-Med Solicitors we have a unique agreement with a medical litigation funding company and specialist negligence claim Insurer which means you as a medical, surgical or dental client pay a maximum of 20% of your winnings (compensation). You do not pay for an insurance policy and you do not pay any legal or medical fees. If you win you get 80% of the compensation and we take the rest. If you lose you pay nothing at all ever.


That is our guarantee for every medical or dental claim that we administer. You will not find a better no win no fee deal. We aim to deliver high service standards and cost effective rapid claim settlement and this funding allows us to do it for you. its a winning medical claim arrangement and one that  our clients refer to their friends and family over and over again. Call today if your confused at all were happy to put it all in writing.

How do I sue a doctor or surgeon?

  • First Instruct us as your Solicitor

  • We obtain your Clinical Records and Review them 

  • We instruct a Doctor to report on the claim. 

  • We draft a letter to the Defendants setting everything out.

  • In most cases where liability is admitted the claim settles without the need for court proceedings.


We understand, this is a big step and sometimes people just do not want to have the hassle of a claim. People know that if they ignore this now, over time, the details of the treatment and the injury will likely be forgotten and that your life will just go on.


Many people never explore their legal rights because they would rather move on. However, please remember, if you have suffered negligence and you have not had this recognised by the wrongdoer, how do you know that this is just a one off? What about the other people that get treated every day - possibly the same way? 

An investigation is not the same thing as a claim, if we investigate and find nothing, there will be no claim. In most cases the Clinicians involved will not even know that the investigation is going on. If the claim doesn't proceed, then they may never know. If there is an issue and a claim follows, it may raise issues of negligence that are more widespread than you can possibly imagine and may lead to permanent changes in the way that other patients are treated and may help prevent other personal injuries and even tragedies!