The Specialist Clinical & Medical Negligence Solicitors Panel

England and Wales have a Law Society National Panel of Specialist Medical Negligence Solicitors. These are qualified Medical, Clinical, Dental and Surgical Negligence Lawyers who have the highest technical experience of handling complex and high value medical litigation. They commit to continuing professional development in both medicine and law - Other Solicitors who are not on this panel can claim to be specialists, however, they cannot use this badge, so look for it on any website you view and ask if a panel member will represent you. If you want the best, do not even consider anyone else. 

Every Medical Claim is Different and So Too is Every Medical Negligence Solicitor

A medical negligence claim is very different from an ordinary accident claim so not every Solicitor is the right choice to handle these medical, surgical or dental actions. These claims are complex and require a detailed approach to the clinical investigation. If things are not set out properly from the start then like an off course ship, by the end of the journey things are likely to be completely lost and  it might not be possible for anyone to set them right again.  Do not make a mistake in your choice of medical lawyer, the Law Society of England and Wales has developed a specialist panel of expert qualified clinical - medical lawyers who have years of experience and training in medical, dental and surgical claims and they are the Solicitors that are best placed to deal with your action.  They are often called on to clean up and set right Court actions that other Solicitors have got out of their depth with. Do not choose second best, instruct an expert Medical Solicitor from the start. 

Rapid Claims Settlement 

The Best Route for Most Medical Negligence Claims is to Settle and to Settle Quickly

It is an inevitable side effect of complexity that it produces greater opportunities for the raising of a defence and the introduction of risk into a claim. Most claims are at their strongest when produced quickly and pursued rapidly. 

Medical Malpractice Requires the Best Solicitor You Can Get

The website Law-Med Solicitors is a contact point for putting you in contact with a Consultant Solicitor who is on the Law Society Specialist Panel. Every Solicitor who is a real professional, would  always offer the highest levels of customer service, that service begins with a 8.30 - 6.30 opening times so that you can call them when it suits you. They also have 24 hour voice call messaging. You will get your own Medical Negligence Solicitor to manage your case (Law Society Clinical Panel) not a secretary or a paralegal - a real Solicitor. You also get that Solicitors mobile phone number. You can text, email, call or message on MSN or on Whats-app.  You also get one of the best funding deal on the market - 20% deduction and no  insurance costs. A Medical Negligence Solicitor will give you the service that you will then recommend to your friends and family. Medical claims are the most complex and the easiest claims to lose. Instruct a Consultant Law Med Solicitor and give yourself a fighting chance. 

Medical Negligence Solicitors

What is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence, or as it is more properly known, clinical negligence, is a term used to describe a breach of a duty of care by a doctor, nurse, dentist or other such professional through negligent or dangerous medical malpractice which results in an injury, expense, loss or suffering. To establish medical negligence, it is necessary to show that the clinician has acted in a way that a reasonable body of medical professionals wouldn't. We must then show that an injury "flowed" from that behaviour.  If you or someone you know has been let down by such poor care, wrong advice, poor treatment, medical mistake or lack of attention it is possible that you or they can make a medical negligence claim for compensation. Speak to us today and your claim will be handled by certified Law Society Medical Negligence Professional Solicitor.  

With Law-Med Solicitors you have a unique agreement with a medical litigation funding company and specialist negligence claim Insurer which means you as a medical, surgical or dental client pay a maximum of 20% of your winnings (compensation). You do not pay for an insurance policy and you do not pay any legal or medical fees. If you win you get 80% of the compensation and your Solicitor takes the rest. If you lose you pay nothing at all ever. That is our guarantee for every medical or dental claim that our Solicitors administer. You will not find a better no win no fee deal. Our Medical Negligence Solicitors aim to deliver high service standards and cost effective rapid claim settlement and this funding allows us them to do it for you. its a winning medical claim arrangement and one that  our clients refer to their friends and family over and over again. Call today if your confused at all were happy to put it all in writing.

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Will I have to Go to Court?

Surgical Claims No Win No Fee

With a specialist medical negligence solicitor, very few cases go to court in clinical negligence claims, almost all of these claims are settled before a court action and increasing amount are now settled by mediation or alternative dispute resolution.  The process of a claim is not one that can be easily or readily explained as in medical negligence these actions are frequently subject to change depending upon the expert evidence and the way the Defendants react to it. 

We and in fact nobody can "guarantee" that you will not go to court but we can by thoroughly and properly investigating the claim and presenting it in the best possible way, bring about a out of court settlement in most cases. Medical Negligence Solicitors have a great deal of experience over what works and what doesn't when it comes to clinical and dental actions. Talk to us to find out what we think regarding your case.  

Finally remember, Court action should never be attempted lightly, only the very inexperienced or the foolish believe that the presence of litigation somehow - forces the Defendant to settle, this is the sort of amateurish blundering that leads to claims failing through inadequate preparation. If the circumstances demand it and there is no other way then yes, we will go forward to court proceedings, however, we know that this can be highly counter productive. That is the difference a specialist medical lawyer can make, the difference between success and failure. 


"A Dental, Surgical or Medical Claim Assessment is just 5 mins on the phone after which you are free to choose to continue with a claim or think about it - you will have some answers and know the way forward" 

"Just finished my dental treatment with the money I claimed back. Such a rapid resolution I cannot thank you enough" 

"I spoke to my new dentist and he said he had been to one of your seminars, he said you be be able to help, with the treatment I go through you I am back to 100%"

I just want to thank you for everything you did for my husband in his neglect case, I am so grateful, you were a rock for us"

"I hope no one I know ever has to go through this but if they do, I'm sending them to you"

"I had no idea that a dental claim would pay all that, its more than my car was worth"

"I was lucky to stumble upon you, everything that went right medically in my nhs claim can be linked to that day,  thank you for everything"

"Everything you said about my legal claim, came true at every stage"

Are You Confused About No Win No Fee ?

We understand, starting a claim is a big step and sometimes people just do not want to have the hassle of a claim. People know that if they ignore this now, over time, the details of the negligent treatment and the resulting injury will likely be forgotten and that your life will just go on.  Many people never explore their legal rights because they would rather move on. However, please remember, if you have suffered negligence and you have not had this recognised by the wrongdoer, how do you know that this is just a one off? What about the other people that get treated every day - possibly the same way? 

An investigation is not the same thing as a claim, if our members investigate and find nothing, there will be no claim. In most cases the Clinicians involved will not even know that the investigation is going on. If the claim doesn't proceed, then they may never know. If there is an issue and a claim follows, it may raise the causes of negligence that are more widespread than you can possibly imagine and in turn may lead to permanent changes in the way that other patients are treated and may help prevent other personal injuries and even tragedies!

How Much Compensation Will I Get From the NHS

NHS Negligence Compensation Pay-outs

The amount of any NHS negligence compensation pay out depends on a great deal of different factors revolving around the nature of the injury and the consequential expenses and loss of earnings that you incurred. Also if it was / is necessary to get specialist help or care to aid in your recovery these will be added as well. What is the average pay out for an NHS negligence claim? Well, the National Health Service Litigation Authority produces figures which demonstrate that the average NHS negligence compensation payment in the bracket £40,000.00 -  £50,000.00. Negligence may be a delayed or failed diagnosis, an incorrect prescription, poor clinical advice or botched surgery, and the harm or injury caused by this will be different to each person. Some cases therefore may be worth £1000.00 and others may be worth £5 million.

NHS negligence claims span many specialties, with the largest percentage of compensation awards involving obstetrics.  The total of all claims against the NHS was 17,202 for 2016/17. Total cost of NHS negligence claims are predicted to double by 2023. In order to have a successful case for NHS negligence compensation, it is necessary to break down damages into specific categories. These include:

General damages – This is compensation for pain and suffering related to the harm or injury caused by NHS negligence.

Medical expenses – these are the costs incurred to return to health following injury due to negligence at the hands of the NHS.

General Expenses – compensation for losses such as travel, over the counter painkillers, soiled clothing, etc. like those required to get back and forth between treatments or follow up care appointments after harm or injury has occurred.

Loss of earnings – you may also be able to claim for lost earnings less any tax due to be pain on the.  If you may never return to work, then you can also claim for future loss of earnings.

Care claim – if you need assistance during your recovering from a carer, you may receive compensation for that help as well. In more serious cases where care is needed indefinitely, either by a loved one or a professional carer, then those costs can be claimed also.

Calculating the amount of damages to be paid out is a complex task, our solicitor members understand how to best calculate what you may receive based on your position and injury.

What Sort of Claims are Medical Negligence?

Any Medical negligence claim can begin from a large spectrum of injuries which result from those where full recovery has taken place to those where there are serious and / or highly complex medical injuries that effect the duration or quality of a persons life. The types of claim that our Solicitor members typically encounter include:

  • Brain Injuries and Disability  in both adults and children

  • Spinal and neck injuries including cauda equina and nerve related deficits. 

  • The resultant amputation of limbs or digits as a consequence  of poorly controlled infections. 

  • Neurological injury

  • Wrongful birth claims and Birth Related Trauma

  • Surgical errors, both in diagnosis and operation.

  • Misdiagnosis of conditions and the usual delay that follows

  • Delay in diagnosing cancer

  • Orthopaedic claims

  • Dental and Maxilla Facial Injuries

Why Choose a Law-Med Panel Solicitor for Your Medical or Dental Claim?

The Best Medical


  • Experts Across the UK - Our Members use the best not the cheapest. 

  • Leaders in their field with published research papers in your area of medicine. 

  • Experts from every clinical and surgical specialty.

  • Implant Claims Specialists

The Best Solicitors

  • Law Society Clinical Panel - The best medical lawyers. 

  • Medical Qualifications

  • Average length of experience  23 years

  • Pure Medical and Dental Lawyers

  • Panel Members know the industry and  know the claims.; 

  • Years of Dental Claims experience against both the NHS and Private Dental Practice

The Best Deal

  • Panel members must offer a Maximum of 20% Deduction - unlike the others who start at 25%

  • Free Insurance - no surprises at the end. 

  • Free Will for all successful clients

  • Law Society Medical  Panel Solicitors - the best you can get.

  • Local Representation - No London Call Center just local lawyers. 

  • Highest Service Standards

A Rapid Claim Resolution at a Glance

Who will Run My Medical Claim? - A Law Society Medical Specialist

When Will My Medical Claim Begin? - The Day you Authorise our member to Act

When Will My Medical Claim End? - Typically Within 9-12 Months Depending on Complexity

How Much Will I Get ? - Every Medical Claim is Different - Our Average Recovery  is £22,723.00

How Much Do You Charge?- We take 20% of the Compensation and Nothing Else. 

How long will it take- We are geared toward rapid claim resolution, each claim is different. 

If you win your case through one of our members a  maximum of 20% will be taken from your damages. If you lose then no charges at all ever! 


Selecting a specialist panel member as your lawyer means - a higher chance of rapid claim settlement and less chance of your claim being caught up in a lengthy Court Action. 

Contact today for an unlimited no obligation and completely free assessment.  

All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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