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The Measteg Comprehensive Fatal Incident - Jury Inquest

The tragic inquest case of the schoolboy Ashley Talbot who was killed in a fatal bus accident at the Maesteg comprehensive school in South Wales. The matter was listed for a 5 day inquest and involved factual and clinical / medical / forensic  evidence from over 60 witnesses. Inevitably the matter was one which led to considerable press and tv interest and speculation about the ongoing legal claim.


The school was built using a public finance initiative (PFI) initial investment and inadequate safety arrangements were made which eventually would  lead to the boys death through negligent construction and oversight, the  inquest led to a settlement of the action and a fine imposed against the local authority by the Health and Safety Executive, the boy was represented by Graham Balmforth Medical Lawyer and Solicitor Advocate  - Pro Bono, completely free. The Welsh Parliament debated the issue of PFI investment and school safety and new measures were put in place to prevent future deaths. 

"the whole issue of pfi finance and compromise on safety has been the focus of a number of investigations and is likely to continue to be a problem until robust measures for those involved at the ground level of public projects have an independent authority from the investors. It is crucial therefore that there is a set fee for Health and Safety Inspectors and that these inspectors are drawn from a national cadre of experts who are demonstrably independent from potentially rapacious investors or from the local authorities who are likely to benefit from the finance initiative" -   Mr Graham Balmforth - Solicitor Advocate for the Family of Ashley Talbot outside of Cardiff Crown Court.