Can I claim for damage caused to my Skin from a Chemical Peel ?

The results from skin treatments such as chemical peels can be obvious and striking, however, if things go wrong then the results can be highly destructive and leave lasting scarring and unsightly pigmentation. The procedure essentially strips away the upper layers of the skin and in so doing removes sun damaged areas and fine lines, acne scars etc. It is this essentially destructive product that is at the heart of peel claims and skin treatment claims generally. Firstly, it is essential that the beautician understands what the best and most suitable route is for you as a subject. This means that the correct type of chemical is used for your skin type. If not then side effects can manifest themselves as redness of the skin, allergic reactions, infections and even permanent scarring. 

How Do I Avoid a Poor Chemical Peel? 

The problem users of chemical peels and other treatments have to get over is that there is no registration of  technicians who are performing these treatments. That means that there is no National Guidance on standards or training. Essentially, it is impossible to know if the person you are entrusting with your appearance is a experienced and capable practitioner or a complete novice. An independent review into the regulations of cosmetic interventions has been commissioned by the Department of Health in England. It calls for the registration of people who are authorised to carry out these non-surgical procedures. For now though it would seem that you are very much on your own. Inevitably in such an environment, mistakes happen and serious injuries are inflicted. As with all such treatments it has to be remembered that the costs of the treatment may well be refunded promptly however, you are entitled to much more than this, you may for instance need future plastic surgery etc. 

What is My Skin Claim Actually Worth?

The issue with such a question is that it depends on the extent of injury. In recent years the Judicial Studies College, who publish guidelines for compensation amounts for judges have indicated that the differences between male and female scarring should be reduced and everyone should get the same amounts, however, in practice it is certainly the case that the courts are much more sympathetic to female scarring. In simple terms if the long term damage is minimal and scarring is "barely noticeable" then there is likely to be an award between £1000 - £2500.00. In cases where the scars are visible on "close inspection" then you can expect between £3000.00 and £10,000.00, where the scarring is visible at conversational distances then £13,000.00 - £22,000.00. Disfigurement that is permanent is likely to be in the £26, 000 - £36,000 and the most serious cases up to £75,000. Ultimately this is just for scarring and doesn't cover corrective surgery, psychological harm. loss of earnings and other expenses. 

The Best Solicitor for Cosmetic Injuries

There are plenty of solicitors who can run these claims however, to run them to a rapid claim settlement and to not waste time in unnecessary investigations requires an experienced clinical solicitor. The Law - Med Solicitors are all clinical specialists with law society approved status. Why not call today to discuss further with no obligation. 

How Do I Begin a Claim For Beauty Treatments ?

First, contact a Solicitor who specialises in medical claims these actions are usually complex in that they involve a lot of technical argument and knowledge of the biological processes underlying the injury, they also require a detailed awareness of what might be necessary to put the injury right. This could include corrective surgery, or reversal procedures administered by a plastic surgeon or cosmetic consultant doctor. Time may of the essence with scarring claims and that means often you will require an expert opinion very early on. You should also consider taking a regular photograph (perhaps daily) so that the progress of the injury can be monitored. Keep any receipts you have and any that you gather as a result of the expenses you incur. Your Solicitor will guide you about expenses and any loss of earnings.  

All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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