Claims Against Beauty Clinics

It is fair to say that the beauty treatment industry has undergone massive growth in the last 15 years with an annual turnover of close to £7 billion in the UK as declared income. It is important to note that much of this income is generated from practitioners who have no qualifications and no or little experience in the industry. 

The situation is generally  improving towards regulating beauty therapists, beauty treatment establishments and businesses. However, it is also the case that there remains little in the way of a structure for that regulation or complaint. Many victims of bad treatment are therefore lost in the maze of what to do and often this leads to them trying to complain to the treatment centre often without any back up or real understanding of what they are entitled to. 

If you have been injured as a consequence of a treatment you could be entitled to bring a compensation claim. A solicitor will write to the clinic and get confirmation of the technical aspects of the claim, they will set out the complaint and ask for a preliminary disclosure of pertinent information such as the insurance company for the clinic and the status of the person performing the treatments. The clinic may at this stage make an early admission of breach of duty. 

What Can be Claimed For Against a Beauty Clinic

  • Damaged hair or scalp due to chemicals or issues with equipment.

  • Burns caused by laser treatments.

  • Waxing injuries caused by bleaching or burns.

  • Allergic reactions to various chemicals.

  • Tanning injuries.

  • Chemical Burns.

  • Eyelash and similar treatments which result in eye injuries.

  • Spillages and accidents in the salon.

  • Botox and Filler Issues

  • Dermabrasion and Skin Damage Generally

How to Claim Against a Beauty Clinic

Solicitors will usually take your claim on a No Win No Fee basis, a percentage of any compensation will go towards your legal costs. Liability in these claims is usually  relatively straightforward, if so the parties involved will agree an out-of-court settlement. There will be occasions where the defendant decides to take the court option however, regardless of their stance the charges to you remain the same just 20% of your damages.

What about Allergic Reactions


The increasing use of chemicals in the beauty industry has also seen an increase in beauty treatment negligence claims as a consequence of allergic reactions. Knowing if a particular substance is likely to produce a reaction is essential. The route to minimize the risk of allergy is to do what is known as a “patch test”. This involves the administration of a  patch of the substance onto the customer’s skin to see if there is any allergic reaction. If there is a reaction then either a replacement substance will be required or the beauty treatment cannot be completed.

What Evidence Do I Need for a Clinic / Salon Claim

Where visible injuries are sustained the most persuasive and perhaps strongest evidence is photographs or videos of the injuries, bruising or scarring sustained. Also witness evidence of the effect this has had on you and the and way others perceive you is also very strong evidence indeed.  In the same way as any compensation claim, you should also make a detailed note of any losses sustained, whether they be costs of treatment, travel expenses consultation costs etc. 

How Do you Know Which Cosmetic Clinic is Best / Safe 

The safest way to have any procedure undertaken is to ensure that the person undertaking it is in fact a qualified doctor or nurse. If there is no medical qualification then it has to be expected that this represents s a risk. There is no comprehensive way of finding out who has qualifications and who does not however, check out the video by this renowned Harley Street Cosmetic Doctor to see the dangers of not undertaking proper research into your consultant before you pay for treatments. 

Before you undergo any procedure, it is the salons’ or clinics responsibility to advise you about any potential side effects the treatment may cause. They should also keep you informed about the kind of products and equipment they will be using for the treatment. If the treatment involves the use of chemicals, the beautician should perform a patch test to determine if you have sensitivity. 

Your injuries may be so serous that you require cosmetic surgeons to attempt revision surgery. If your claim is successful, we will recover the costs of this surgery along with any other costs such as loss of earnings or expenses 


"A Dental, Surgical or Medical Claim Assessment is just 5 mins on the phone after which you are free to choose to continue with a claim or think about it - you will have some answers and know the way forward" 

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You are not just entitled to claim a refund on your clinic / salon charges, you are also entitled to compensation for your injury and any expenses as well as rectification costs and interest. 

Clinics often get you to sign a waiver just to get the refund. If this has happened to you, get in contact we may still be able to assist you. 

To have a chat with a Solicitor without any charges and no obligation then simply hit the email button and add your phone number. A Solicitor will call you straight back to discuss your action and what you may be entitled to, in most cases we are able to take the claim forward on a no win no fee basis which means a minimum deduction to your damages if you win and nothing to pay at all if you lose. Simply call and we will take yoou through the options.  

All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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