Becoming a Panel Member

In order to register as a free Law - Med Solicitor you will need to fulfill the basic requirements of membership. An application can then be processed by a simple email and we will  ask you for various proof s of the below items. We will then add you to our internal register. 

Criteria are marked below into essential and desirable. All successful applications will have 100% compliance with essential criteria and have 2 of the 6 desirable criteria or at least a defendable position with regard to them. 

Essential Criteria:

  1. Applicants should be current members of the Law Society of England and Wales Specialist Medical Negligence Panel. Applicants seeking re-accreditation will also be accepted. ​

  2. Applicants must have a unblemished professional disciplinary record.

  3. Applicants should be able to exercise authority over the funding agreements and minimum terms of service of their firms, typically this will mean that members are Consultant Solicitors, Sole Practitioners or Single Directors of a Limited  Company. In the alternative it should be possible for the Solicitor (if in employed practice) to agree the minimum terms of funding.

  4. Applicants must agree to take a maximum of 20% of clients qualifying damages as part of any uplift requirements for funding.

  5. Applicants must where-ever possible guarantee to absorb any client after the event policy premium as part of unrecoverable expenditure. 

  6. Applicants must agree to waive any right to recoup unrecoverable charges (unless these have been incurred by unreasonable conduct)

  7. Applicants may not refuse instructions on the basis that before the event legal expense insurance is available, regardless of panel rates but subject to 40% of guideline county court rate base costs. 

  8. Applicants must make available a mobile telephone number for clients with a 24 hour return call maximum allowance. 

  9. Applicants must maintain social media sites and review sites presence with comments allowed. 

  10. Applicants must guarantee a minimum 28 day contact review for each matter. 

  11. Applicants must maintain a 16 hour pa medical training log.

  12. Applicants must maintain SRA standard CPD log for training and professional development.

Desired Criteria.

1. Applicants should preferably hold either professional or academic medical qualifications. 

2. Applicants may be members of Apil or AVMA panels 

3. Applicants may be members of Med-law  associations or academic medical or legal programmes. 

4. Applicants may be able to demonstrate Clinical Excellence contributions or consultation papers

5 Applicants may be engaged in community or national campaigns for clinical or patient safety.

6. Applicants may offer pro bono inquest services. 

Application process. 

Applicants can apply by email in the first instance with a copy of their cv and clinical panel membership details. 

All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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