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Claims Against Alternative Therapists 

We have seen substantial and life changing injuries inflicted by alternative therapists.  Of course there are all types of alternative therapies and some bring relief and the reduction of stress. We are all for that, in fact it is probably a healthy way of approaching a complex program of overall treatment.  it should be remembered of course that these therapies are not approved medicinal techniques, they are not in many cases even capable of proving that they do any good at all, however, given the relief that some of them provide there existence is understandable. 

Generally where the therapy is one based on relaxation and the techniques used are not invasive or manipulative of the body, they are generally harmless. However, if you have to have anything penetrate the skin or body or you have to swallow medicine then you should be immediately suspicious of what good it can do. 

Whilst many people argue argue about the benefit of chiropractic manipulation, it is difficult to see how the risks of injury can be effectively reduced. In many cases it is easy to see how an existing condition can become much more serious if it is treated incorrectly and or subject to inappropriate force. Physiotherepists are highly trained and highly skilled clinical experts whose academic and clinical experience is wide. Osteopaths and Chiropractors though are less impressive in terms of the thier overall clinical knowledge or their qualifications.  

Each time alternative medicine is used, it should be questioned what good comes from the therapy and whether this "treatment" can be improved upon. In one clients estimation after 24 months of treatment and a bill for over £15k the only benefit that he could identify was that he felt better for having had the exercise involved in walking to the treatment centre!


Many of these "treatments are just a claim waiting to happen. Most, if not all practitioners, have limited or non existent medical training and many have made up qualifications or diplomas that no self respecting university would adopt.

For many of these people, what they rely upon when faced with litigation - is that they are difficult to sue because lawyers will not take the case, as there is no insurance to back it.  However, if they have insurance or assets a settlement can be achieved in other cases, a criminal investigation may be justified. Contact us and we can talk about the prospects. Its free to talk to us and there is no obligation. 

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