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We pride ourselves on ease of contact. Of course, we will return calls within 24 hours but we aim to return them within 1 hour. Of course we will answer your email in 24 hours but we aim to do it instantly. If you have a medical, surgical or dental claim, you can either phone, email or visit with us (we ask that you book an appointment).  We have a time unlimited, no obligation and no charge interview. Its entirely free and we can chat without restriction. For many of our clients that is the moment they know they have made the right decision as they can hear us talk about the situation and the process confidently and with clear guidance. 

We believe that real service starts with the first contact, our reputation is of being easy to talk to, we know that calling a solicitor can be daunting. We know that some people will be nervous about what to say and how much it costs. We know all this - which is why when it comes to no win no fee claims for dental or medical negligence, we have an unrivaled reputation for friendly free no obligation chat. If after we finish talking you dont want to claim then thats fine we don't have the hard sell. Give us a try!

If you would prefer to see everything in black and white that is no problem for us. We can forward you our new client starter pack and you read through and make your decision or simply return to us if you have any questions. 

We want you to know that with us there are no catches, the issue is a simple one, if we feel you have a claim and you are happy to begin, all that we ask is that you stay with us to the end, if you do, we will take 20% of your winnings, if you do not, we will take no charges at all. 

That is the agreement in a nutshell. 

Law-Med Putting the Client at the Heart of the Medical Claim 

All of our work is about making you comfortable and confident in your recovery from medical or dental negligence and your compensation claim. We remain transparent in approach throughout and we will  maximise your award and provide you with first class service,  so that you are happy to refer our services onward to others who have suffered medical or dental injury.

Electronic communicaitons

Email and text messaging has its place. In medical cases the primary interest is people, they are the concern and they are the issue at the centre of the dispute. Frequently it is the fact that cold communication has been applied which makes patients so upset by medical neglgience, sometimes a heartfelt and genuine apology is all they seek and would have been sufficient to put the matter behind.

The last thing we want to do is alienate our clients, so if you want to talk in person or you want (would prefer) to discuss your case rather than being emailed about it then all you need do is pick up the phone and tell us you want telephone updates. We are happy to oblige. 

All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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