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Cosmetic Dental Claims

Cosmetic dentistry is often marketed as a "solution" to peoples smile problems. However, having a solid foundation of healthy teeth and good oral hygiene is far more important. In fact the need to have a solid foundation of healthy teeth and gums is often overlooked by some clinics. This can lead to all manner of problems. This pursuit of the perfect smile can turn into a traumatic experience.


Pursuing a dental cosmetic negligence claim can result in compensation for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment as well as treatment costs to put things right and expenses and refunds for what has gone wrong, enabling you to pay for any further treatment required due to the negligence you have suffered, and helping to ease the pain and suffering of your ordeal.

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What are Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?

  • crown and bridgework issues (pontic or abutment issues - fitting etc)

  • surgical or device led orthodontic work

  • dental surgical gum re-contouring

  • cosmetic veneers (including composite veneers)

  • Cosmetic bleaching/tooth whitening/polishing

  • amalgam fillings with white composite cosmetic fillings

  • braces and orthodontic devices

  • banding and Capping

  • crowning  failures

  • implant failure to integrate etc

Cosmetic dentistry or Cosmetic Dental Surgery frequently  includes a range of procedures  such as those, above however, we are aware that the range of techniques available is constantly changing. The Maryland Bridge (now all but discontinued across much of the world) was very much in vogue when we began dental negligence work in the early 2000's however, now these devices are all but extinct. It is inevitable then that if we publish a list of cosmetic dental surgical techniques and cosmetic problems or failures associated with cosmetic devices that it will be almost instantly out of date. If you have undertaken a procedure and it is not listed below, call we will almost certainly be able to assist. 

Not Just a Refund

In Cosmetic Claims more than any other, the dentists involved often try and conclude an action before it begins by giving the patients a full refund on treatment on the basis that they sign a waiver form. Before you sign anything - speak to us, its completely free and if you want or we advise you to sign it will costs you nothing, if you want to claim, we are ready.

The biggest single contributor to Cosmetic Dental Compensation is psychiatric or psychological injury. These are separate injuries and frequently take the form of a change in personality or in behavior which accompanies a bout of depression. For Dental Claims on a No Win No Fee basis they often mean two very important things. Firstly they significantly raise the value of the claim and secondly they inevitably mean that further medical evidence is required in the form of a psychiatric or psychological report. This often means a claim is slowed down but rightly so as the value and the importance of the claim considerably increases. It is essential that the right solicitor is used to pick the right expert for these actions or the whole thing can collapse. Choose Law-Med Solicitors today.

All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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