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Cosmetic dentistry is often marketed as a "solution" to peoples smile problems. However, having a solid foundation of healthy teeth and good oral hygiene is far more important. In fact the need to have a solid foundation of healthy teeth and gums is often overlooked by some clinics. This can lead to all manner of problems. This pursuit of the perfect smile can turn into a traumatic experience.

Cosmetic dentistry or Cosmetic Dental Surgery frequently  includes a range of procedures  such as those below, however, we are aware that the range of techniques available is constantly changing. The Maryland Bridge (now all but discontinued across much of the world) was very much in vogue when we began dental negligence work in the early 2000's however, now these devices are all but extinct. It is inevitable then that if we publish a list of cosmetic dental surgical techniques and cosmetic problems or failures associated with cosmetic devices that it will be almost instantly out of date. If you have undertaken a procedure and it is not listed below, call we will almost certainly be able to assist. 

crown and bridgework issues (pontic or abutment issues - fitting etc)

surgical or device led orthodontic work

dental surgical gum re-contouring

cosmetic veneers (including composite veneers)

Cosmetic bleaching/tooth whitening/polishing

amalgam fillings with white composite cosmetic fillings

braces and orthodontic devices

banding and Capping

crowning  failures

implant failure to integrate etc


Pursuing a dental cosmetic negligence claim can result in compensation for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment as well as treatment costs to put things right and expenses and refunds for what has gone wrong, enabling you to pay for any further treatment required due to the negligence you have suffered, and helping to ease the pain and suffering of your ordeal.

So what is the process of claiming against a dental cosmetic  surgeon where does it all begin?


We screen for breach of duty

This is undertaken by a Cosmetic  Dental Surgeon in most cases they will want to examine you to determine what has gone wrong.


We establish the extent of the damage inflicted

This is undertaken jointly by both a surgeon and ourselves working together to determine the quantum (extent of compensation) of the claim.


We obtain your compensation

usually this does not mean a court action most defendants will settle the claim. We deduct 20% and the rest is yours to do as you please with.

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