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There are a lot of questions that need to be asked prior to any plastic or cosmetic surgery claim. The temptation is to believe that these claims are easily concluded becuase of the very obvious nature of the scarring or defect. However, clients are often astonished by what standards the Courts consider unacceptable. The key to all success is preparation and an early but thorough grasp of the pre contractual documentation and discussions. To ignore these meetings and these disucssions is a mistake and evidential mistakes are difficult to recover from. The surgeon will remain affable and friendly at first even when you raise a dispute. You have to be ready to understand that this is a professional negligence claim and his regulators will want to know about his dealings with you,  post complaint, it is not a geniune stance, in most cases it is an affectation.  You have to be ready to hand this over to a Solicitor and comply with the evidence gathering aspect of the investigaiton. It is always a mistake to think you can deal with this on your own. 

You should expect to spend as much time with your solicitor as you did with your surgeon. Do not expect any legal action to be quick and easy. From the outset the successful actions are always those that are properly prepared and have the best expert evidence available - that means getting a highly qualified and senior surgeon in on your claim from the outset. That surgeon will advise on the breach of duty as well as corrective surgery and what if any mistakes can be rectified or minimised. 

All potential Claimants should realise that the value of these claims can be very high indeed. 

Settlements on a commerical baisis can be well over £500k if the extent of the damage is high and the costs of rectification are extensive. 

Every case is different and so too is every claimant and every defendant, it is often the case that early mediation and in some cases arbitration can be an effective and sensible way forward. Rarely will a court appearance be necessary. 

To start a compensation claim for cosmetic surgery that went wrong all you need do is hit the start your claim button above of call us to discuss. We can talk about "winning a cosmetic claim" and about "what is a no win no fee agreement" we can even talk about revision surgery and putting you right. 

Do I have a Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Surgery Claim?

The quality of treatment given by cosmetic surgeons in the UK is high unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. There are some cosmetic surgeons that provide an unsatisfactory standard of surgery. They do make mistakes during cosmetic surgery and this can cause horrific scars and deformation injuries.  For some patients, these injuries will never recover.  It is inevitable that some mistakes will happen but increasingly in plastic surgery we are seeing mistakes made through inadequate planning and preparation and worse, inadequate skill. These injures are avoidable an it is no wonder that people who have been a victim of such behavior seek a lawyer to assist hem. 

If you feel that the standard of care you received before, during or after cosmetic surgery was poor and that you have been injured as a result, you may have a claim for compensation. We are best placed to know if you can succeed in your case and we have experts across the country who are willing to help with a series of reports on the position you are in. 

What are the commonest plastic surgical mistakes?

Within our cosmetic surgery team we have successfully claimed compensation for thousands of patients who have been injured by substandard cosmetic surgical techniques.

These Cosmetic procedures can go wrong and when they do they cause  distress, pain and expense to the patient. Infection may follow, requiring further medical treatment. The result of the surgery in terms of the patient’s actual appearance can be much worse than predicted, revision surgery is often essential.


Can I sue a foreign doctor for surgery abroad?


Yes. No matter where a doctor is located we can sue, the only reason we wouldn't is that there is no assets or insurance to deal with the claim. As long as the surgeon can pay we can sue for you. We have had successful claims in the US, Brazil, Canada, Europe and even Japan. 


How much of my money will you take in fees?


We take a maximum of 20% of your award, it can be less than this but it will never be more. If you lose the claim, the costs are nothing at all. 


Can I get revision surgery straight away?


Yes, if there is an early admission, we can fund your surgery, in fact it will help to do so as it will mean that the claim can be accurately quantified very quickly. 


Who will deal with my case?


From start to finish your claim will be handled by Graham Balmforth LLB, DipFMS Msc (F.Med) a dual qualified Solicitor and Barrister. 

What is No Win No Fee

With us the agreement is 100% transparent. if you win you will pay 20% of your compensation to us from your winnings, if you lose you pay nothing. We pay for your insurance product if you need one and we pay for your medical reports, court fees, expert reports etc etc. Essentially if you win we take 20% if you lose you walk away. 

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No Win No Fee Medical Solicitors

All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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