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The Dental Solicitors used by are all registered with the SRA and the Law Society of England and Wales, they are all also members of the Law Society Clinical Negligence Specialist Panel - Which means that they have been approved by an assessor as being specialists in clinical, dental, medical, surgical law. Our preferred solicitors is Appleby's as they have a national presence and their funding agreements are foremost in the industry. If you are a York based client we can visit you to explain the agreement in person. 

As well as this specialist panel membership many panel members are also dual qualified medical professionals, either GP's, Dentists, Hospital Doctors, Consultant Grades or Allied Health Professionals. Some may also hold specialist medical or forensic medical qualifications and some sit as Coroners or Assistant Coroners. In dental cases, the expert solicitors have years of experience in dental implants, dental infection management and periodontal disease cases. 


Over the years we have seen just about every type of medical surgical and dental claim you can imagine in the whole of the medical law. Misdiagnosis,  failure to diagnose, periodontal disease, wrongful extraction, mismanagement of dental  abscess, failure to prescribe, failure to advise, poor implant placement, implantitus, periapical infection, infection management, drainage, nerve damage, coronectomies, facial palsy, tongue nerve damage, facial nerve damage, lingual nerve damage,  cosmetic deficit - in fact you name it, we have seen it. Call to discuss and let us demonstrate to you why our clients are happy to have our representation.  


Every dentist, NHS or Private, has a duty to perform their duties using appropriate dental procedures with reasonable care and skill. If you have not had the benefit of reasonable care and skill but instead have been treated with what you believe is negligence then you may have a claim to recover your treatment costs along with a separate award for pain suffering and loss of amenity and even future treatment costs if appropriate. 

Law Society Clinical Panel Members are not just dental solicitors, they are medical negligence experts too. That means that not only do you have a better chance of success with a panel specialist, you will have the benefit of their extensive knowledge of medical compensation too. 


As specialist Dental Claims Solicitors, we offer a very good deal on no win no fees agreements. We guarantee that you will not pay a penny out of your own pocket and that if you win your dental claim we will deduct a maximum of 20% from it. We even pay the insurance premium that we take out to cover you. If you lose your claim we dont charge you anything at all and the insurance is written off. This is a great deal and is only possible because we have a good relationship with our insurance company, built up over years of dental negligence work. They know that we only pick the claims that we truly believe can succeed. We do not run speculative claims and if we dont think you can win your case we tell you from the outset. We have built a reputation for high quality rapid claim settlement and our services are recommended time again by former dental claim clients.


The amount of compensation for dental claims and teeth damage claims is not fixed and depends on factors such as which tooth is damaged and the extent of the damage.


If the teeth injury is so severe that extended treatment is required, your solicitor will also consider that while calculating the compensation due to you. There are guidelines which you can refer to but you must remember these provide a approximate idea of compensation, it is not a "written in stone" guide. 

Compensation for damage or loss of back teeth

£930 – £1,460 per tooth.

Compensation for serious damage or the loss of a front tooth £1,880 – £3,370.

Compensation for serious damage or loss of both front teeth £3,710 – £6,510.

Compensation for serious damage or loss of several front teeth £7,460 – £9,740.

Compensation for significant damage to teeth, up to £32,540.


Law Med has 20 years of experience in dental negligence claims. We believe that by focusing on this area of clinical practice,  we  provide the best  service for our clients and the best outcomes in terms of dental compensation amounts in payments. We will take the time to listen to you, and take care to communicate with you using non-technical language. We work with the highest levels of efficiency and skill  to support you in your claim. We have chosen to make our mission that of providing the highest awards for the dental patient, and we are committed to ensuring that you find the claim process without undue stress or inconvenience

With our specialist expertise as dental negligence lawyers and many years’ experience of ‘no win no fee’ dental claims cases, for clients who have come to us with wrongful extraction claim, implant claim, periodontal claim  and many other claims too numerous to mention, we know that each client’s case is unique. We feel that it is important for you to know what you can expect from us 

"thankyou for everything, my no win no fee dental negligence claim kickstarted a new leaf for me and my appearance"

"I cannot believe how quickly a dental malpractice calim could be resolved and how little hassle it was in the end"

"It was an education to see how my dental treatment was planned out and should have been planned out from day one" 


There is no such thing as a "standard" dental claim, each one is different from the the next. However, we have tried to set out a basic structure of what a specialist dental solicitor will likely do in each claim. 

1 – Dental records
The very first thing that is likely to happen in any claim is to obtain your medical records. Your Solicitor  will write to the dental practice you are claiming against and any other dental practices involved in your treatment and get copies of the dental records. If you have had more complex care then they may also request any other hospital or GP practice records. Getting hold of these records is often a lengthy process and can take several months, but is an essential step in proving whether you have been subjected to negligence.

2 – Review of Dental Records 
Once obtained our records will be reviewed by the team member responsible for your claim and a dental expert will be instructed. The expert will prepare a report detailing whether you have been subjected to dental negligence, and what harm you have suffered as a result.

3 – Examination and Reporting
In some cases, you will need to be examined by a expert in order to determine exactly what harm you have suffered and how this can be put right. However, this will not be necessary in all cases.

4 – Letter of Claim
Following this, a detailed “Letter of Claim” will be drafted, which sets out allegations of negligence and causation to the dentist you are claiming against. They will have four months to investigate the allegations made, and will provide a substantive response during this four-month period called the “Letter of Response”.

If the other side agrees that you have been subjected to dental negligence, negotiations will begin to settle your case.

5  – Settlement
If the  Defendant admits liability, then it is likely that the matter will be subject to an out of court settlement. We or a specialist Barrister will value the claim and we will make an offer or series of offers and the Defendant too is  likely to make offers and respond to our own. 

6 – Issuing Court Proceedings
If the defendant denies our allegations in the Letter of Claim, or refuses to negotiate settlement, we may need to issue Court Proceedings in your case. If this is necessary, the team member responsible for your claim will provide detailed advice in relation to this. We will ensure that you are guided through the process and that any queries you have are answered throughout.


All calls are dealt with confidentially and your solicitor will proceed only as advice until such time that you both agree that you want to instruct them. Even then there is a cooling off period. Law Med registered Solicitors do not pressure into making a claim. We are happy to talk to you about your circumstances and the situation you face, in most cases our solicitors are instructed. That is an inevitable result of speaking to us, we rarely fail to impress. CAll today to discuss your claim and the best way forward for you. 

All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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