Dental Claims generally are complex, however, claims involving implant failure can be highly complex indeed. The first thing to note is how the implants have failed - was it failure to osseo-integrate? Was it  that there was underlying bone or gum disease (periodontal disease)? Was there a failure in technique or in citing the implant? The next issue is what can be done about it - can the implant be refitted or must the process look elsewhere for orthodontic devices such as bridgework or denture plates - was this ever a case for implants in the first place? Call us to discuss your situation, it genuinely will not take long and we can get to grips with the situation you face and the way out of it. 

What is a Dental Implant Claim Worth?

A lot more than you realise. The cost is not just the refund on the implant / implants, nor is it just the costs of the implant and an amount for the injury of having them badly fitted. It is all those things plus the future replacement costs of having crowns placed on the implants every 10-15 years until you die. Of course that depends on the circumstances of the implants but it is a factor in many claims where bone loss has made future placements impossible.

A simple implant on a twenty-something woman could be refunded at £3k but then the injury may well be twice that and she could be looking at £6K in future treatment costs. For each implant of course the costs rises. There is no set amount here, so it is essential to be circumspect and also to ensure you get the right lawyer. 

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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are false teeth that are attached with a titanium screw into the jawbone, which the bone then grows around to secure it. The costs of these devices has shrunk over the last 10 years and dentists are fitting them often.  They are getting easier to fit but issues such as bone density, pre-existing disease and technique are often difficult to assess and some dentists just get things wrong. 

The Real Damage of Implants

Implants are Potentially a great way to restore a good smile and improve someones confidence however, if dont incorrectly they can result in a poor smile, or even permanent nerve damage and the injury to the patients psychology is obvious for everyone to see, this can lead to behavioural adjusmnets that can over time result in an individual becoming withdrawn, antisocial and depressed.  

Dental Implants and Nerve damage 

A large branch of facial nerve fibers lay beneath the line of teeth in your lower jaw and other nerve fiber's are also present in the upper jaw. A good dentist will thoroughly investigate the position of these nerves before attempting to place a implant. However, radiology can sometimes trip up the unwary or negligent dentist and regrettably the resulting nerve damage can occur. 

In 99 % of cases this damage self heals in a few weeks or even months. However, in some cases the damage is permanent and simply cannot be repaired. This can lead to facial paralysis, drooling speech difficulty and even a chocking hazard. Needless to say such litigation is complex, long and difficult to navigate, these are claims for specialists and not for dabblers and they have issues of complex law and causation issues behind them. Do not waste time with an ordinary solicitor who does a bit of everything instruct a specialist. 

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