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Opthalmic Injuries

For most people, the fear of eye injury or even loss of sight is about the worst possible nightmare. If you have suffered an eye injury that was the result of someones negligence, its as if the injury itself is aggravated. 

Sight Impairment 


Every eye injury is different, there is a spectrum of injury which runs from temporary and relatively inconvenient to permanent and significant. We know that regardless of  the severity every eye injury is serious and it will have an impact on the injured person and every member of their family.  The mechanisms for eye injury are very wide ranging, we would have to write an article that is hundreds of pages long if we were going to list them all productively. It is fair, though, to state that in our experience, the most serious of injuries are usually those that result from misdiagnosis and delay in treating an ophthalmic condition. 

The majority of such injuries tend to flow from the GP Surgery. Patients turn up with serious and foreboding symptoms and are given sympathy and weak eye drops instead of a referral to a suitable ophthalmic surgeon. Or, there is an infection that either doesn't get the right antibiotics (there are hundreds for ophthalmic conditions) or they don't get antibiotics at all.  No matter what the cause though, please don't leave these injuries to a personal injury Solicitor, call us to discuss the situation and the condition, we can usually advise on the spot if there is a claim to pursue and what the extent of that claim will be. 

What is my Eye Injury Worth ?

As you might expect, the amount of compensation for an eye injury depends on the seriousness of the injury and on the prognosis for any future improvement. The schedule of loss has to take into account not just the pain suffering, expenses and loss of amenity it must also list loss of earnings and care. Beware of any websites that start promising compensation amounts before these factors are explored. It is suffice to say that compensation for near total sight loss or worse, is very high.

So if you think that your eye injury has been caused by medical error, the best thing to do is begin by calling us (or email) and we can discuss at length, what your condition is what the injury is, where the negligence lays and wether there is a claim that can be resolved in your favour with appropriate compensation. We are Law Society accredited Specialist Clinical Negligence Panel Members. 

All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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