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Hospital Negligence Birth Trauma

The trauma of a birth injury, whether to mother, child or both, can have life-long emotional and physical implications. We cannot take away the wrong you have suffered, but our specialist Solicitors will fight for the maximum compensation your situation deserves.

Hospital Birth Units are areas of high stress and pressing medical need. They demand, in from their clinicians,  the sort of personality that can cope with trauma and decision making under extreme pressure. Occasionally, the management of delivery can be fraught and the outcomes poor for mother and child, however, this doesn't mean necessarily,  that the outcome is negligent. It is important to talk to a Solicitor who has experience of birth injury claims from the outset if you feel that you or your child may have an actionable claim. 

I am familiar with helping families claim compensation for all types of birth related traumas and injuries here are a few of the typical ones; ​Claims can include:

Uterine Rupture / Placental Abruption, Infections,  Maternal Diabetes.   Gestational Diabetes, Pre-Eclampsia, Spina Bifida, Down’s Syndrome,  Cerebral Palsy, Third Degree Tears,  Erb’s Palsy,   Brachial Plexus,  Congenital Hip Dysplasia,  Retained Placenta,  Meconium Aspiration Syndrome, Sepsis, Meningitis etc. 

I could list birth related conditions and injuries over several pages. I would advise that at first instance, no matter what your condition or the condition of your child, you contact me for a first discussion about your clinical history and what you feel has gone wrong. I have heard just about every conceivable complaint and allegation over the years and I know the evidence required to prove them.