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Dental Implants 

The rapidly changing technology of dental implants has meant that over the last 15 years the costs of implants and the longevity of them have increased exponentially. However, it is regrettable that the dental surgery techniques associated with the fitting of these implants has not always kept pace with this technology. Whilst many dentists have educated themselves by taking on post qualification masters courses and other additional training, many surgeons have not.

Also regardless of the level of training and the commitment of the surgeons there are, of course, times when things just go wrong. 

The litigation surrounding implants has been active in these areas and at Law Med it has been the focus of a great deal of dental claims. We appreciate that not any surgeon can remark on the negligence associated with this often complex area of medicine, which is why we have relationships with the best dental surgeons across the country who will examine you and provide evidence and advice on the position with which you find yourself. 

Call today for a completely free  no obligation assessment and we can talk about the process of evidence gathering and how we might start the journey of putting things right. 


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