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Your Condition Demands a Higher Standard of Care

Diabetic Claims

These claims tend to fall into 3 categories, those that involve a delay or failure to diagnose the condition, those that involve a failure to refer onward for more specialist care and those where specialist practitioners have erred and or not taken the severity of the situation into full account. 


As a consequence of the work of the Diabetic Unit, we have gathered a great deal of expertise in ​ophthalmic and optical claims (including optical lens placement product liability). In particular:

Delay in treatment of detached retina 

Misdiagnosis of intra-ocular pressure and subsequent vision distortion / defect

premature or avoidable partial vision loss

Blindness or Permanent vision defects

Get in touch today to discuss your condition and whether there is a viable claim. 

Contact a Dental - Medical Solicitor

We currently run one of the countries few specialist departments in diabetic claims. Regardless of whether you allege;


Delay in Diagnosis

Inadequate or inappropriate medication supervision

foot or lower limb injury 

cellulitic infection / unnecessary amputation

ophthalmic injury or blindness

We are running and have run similar cases. Get in touch today to disucss your condition and wether there is a viable claim.