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To a Medical Solicitor time is literally money, however, the days are long past when a client with a clinical or dental claim expected to pay a lawyer by the hour and rightly so. Every medical negligence or dental negligence claim we now process is run on a "no win no fee" basis. This means that we charge nothing if the claim loses and 20% of your damages (compensation)  if you win.  No catches. All you have to do is see the claim through to the end. If you win you win and if you lose you walk away. 

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Funding a claim has become more confusing. No Win No Fee used to mean no deductions and no payments. Now everyone has to give a little of thier compensation for legal fees if they win. The question is how much and is there any "hidden" charges, we like to make this clear in our videos but if you have questions just ask!

Can My Claim Get Legal Aid?

The short answer and in 99.99% of cases the most accurate one is NO. The legal aid funding for medical claims is gone. Well perhaps not entirely, there is now, thanks to our benevolent Government in the UK, no longer legal aid funding available for claims involving medical, surgical or dental negligence. The only exception to this  is claims involving birth trauma resulting in an injury to the baby which manifests itself within the first few weeks of life. For every one else it is a no win no fee agreement with a deduction from damages.

This of course often comes as a shock to those involved in a legal action against a Hospital or a large Trust who will have a team of Healthcare lawyers from the biggest and most expensive firms in the country all being paid out of the government tax. However, the Government sees this a matter of legal insurance funding and they would prefer you didn't get legal aid. 

We are afraid that is simply the reality of matters. However, in some respects this is no bad thing, having your medical claim funded by way of a No Win No Fee from a lawyer you can trust, often means it will actually be cheaper to you than a legally aided claim. The LA system was set up so that all but the most poor in society would have to make some contribution from their own funds, with No Win No Fee - there is no bill for the client in most cases. Although there is some deductions from damages (compensation) but that is not out of your pocket beforehand, it is simply taken before you get your cheque. We at Law-Med Solicitors however, make sure our panel members give you the best deal on fees. 

"I didn't really understand how the agreement works if I'm honest, I just knew that there was a black and white promise I could hold you too. All the way through I was worried but at the end I was amazed when that was all that you took, fantastic"

"..I just wanted to thank you for everything,  I will recommend your services, you were completely honest and upfront from day one, I always trusted you..."

"My sister had a RTA in June last year, she used her insurance company to get her injury sorted, they took 25% and charged her for a £1700 policy" - Your agreement cost me half what they took off her and no insurance costs..." 

if you have a no win no fee claim and it is successful at the end of the case our members firm deduct 20% of the damages. They also send a bill to the Defendants for legal costs, they are obliged to pay them. They often dispute the amount or argue over the costs of obtaining a medical report etc but none of that effects you. Once you have had the 20% deduction from your damages that is the end of the matter as far as the claim is concerned. Any dispute your solicitor has over costs will not effect you. Ultimately that is a matter for the panel Solicitor and the Defendants and need not worry you at all. 

Medical, Dental Surgical Solicitor Claim No Win No Fee
No Win No Fee Medical Solicitors

Fees for Work Other than Medical Claims

If, you Want a Last Will and Testament

 Our members agree to a  fixed rate for these services and they are rarely the cheapest, they are however, dependable, clear honest and transparent. Typically our members get instructed on these matters after a claim has been processed and the individual wants to put their life into order.  Law Med Solicitors do not press for sales but these services are offered. 

£475 (excl. taxes) flat rate for a Single Will 

£675 (excl. taxes) flat rate for a Mirror Will 

If You Need to Obtain Probate 

Probate applications do occur occasionally and again our members tend to run these for existing clients who find themselves in need of these services - we dont make a meal of the situation but the fees are fixed regardless of the size of the estate, which is a transparent and refreshing change for some clients. 

£590.00 (excl. taxes and probate registry fees) 

If you need a Power of Attorney

Again it is mostly existing clients that ask for these and we are happy to oblige for a fixed fee. POA can cover decision making and finance or just finance. We normally advise the former in most cases our fees cover the costs of completing the application and the court fees. You will find cheaper, you will not find better value. 

£775.00 inclusive

Employment Disputes / Employment Agreements

Some Law Med Solicitors do occasionally undertake employment tribunal work for unfair dismissals and wrongful dismissal as well as Human Rights Act and Discrimination Act actions against employers. They utilise a contingency fee for this work and set charges at 30% deduction from damages.  

For employment compromise agreements and settlements our members will charge whatever the contract legal fees are suggested or in default of the same



£250.00 inclusive. 

Advantages of a Panel Solicitor

Many Solicitors will charge you "unrecoverable costs" these are the charges applied to your file that cannot be recovered from the Defendants. IE time spent setting up the file or taking your initial instructions or even travelling to and from appointments. If a Solicitor subscribes to the Law Med Panel, they must among other things also waive these unrecoverable charges. 

Insurance, many firms charge clients for an insurance policy or some element of it, if a solicitor is a member of the Law Med Panel though, they must agree that the client will  not be charged for insurance products. 

High Street Solicitors, who are not members of the Law Society Medical Negligence panel can also claim to be specialists in medical law, only specialist members have faced tough examination board standards on their medical work and advice. 

Is there any risk to Bringing a legal claim?

Any legal action that is supported by one of our Solicitor members will be vigourously checked and vetted before it is accepted. Once accepted the action will commence "investigaiton only" that means that whilst there is technically a live legal claim, the Defendants are not formally on notice of any specific allegations the claim has not been formally pleaded to them. Only once there has been a full investigation of the facts and there is a report supporting the action by a highly experienced clinician will there follow a letter of claim. Our members do not engage in speculative claims or nuisance claims. We pursue genuine cases where there has been a professionally negligent service by a clinician. We pride ourselves that our membership standards are tough. They are tough to achieve for the individual Solicitor and they remain tough in terms of commitment to high customer service standards. 

Every potential client who calls to conference with us over their claim has the same opinion. Our Solicitor members are friendly, approachable professionals...

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All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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