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All Solicitors approved by Law-Med

are authorised and regulated by the

Solicitors Regulatory Authority and

carry  full indemnification 

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Our Fees

To a Solicitor time is literally money, however, the days are long past when a client expected to pay a lawyer by the hour and rightly so. Every claim we now process is run on a "no win no fee" basis. This means that we charge nothing if the claim loses and 20% of your damages if you win. 

No catches. All you have to do is see the claim through. If you win you win and if you lose you walk away. 

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Fees for Work Other than Claims

If you want a Last Will and Testament

We have a fixed rate for these services and we are rarely the cheapest, we are however, dependable, clear honest and transparent. We typically get instructed on these matters after a claim has been processed and the individual wants to put their life into order.  We do not press for sales but these services are offered. 

£475 (excl. taxes) flat rate for a Single Will 

£675 (excl. taxes) flat rate for a Mirror Will 

If You Need to Obtain Probate 

Probate applications do occur occasionally and again we tend to run these for existing clients who find themselves in need of these services - we dont make a meal of the situation but our fees are fixed regardless of the size of the estate. 

£590.00 (excl. taxes and probate registry fees) 

If you need a Power of Attorney

Again it is mostly existing clients that ask for these and we are happy to oblige for a fixed fee. POA can cover decision making and finance or just finance. We normally advise the former in most cases our fees cover the costs of completing the application and the court fees. You will find cheaper, you will not find better value. 

£775.00 inclusive

Employment Disputes / Employment Agreements

We do undertake employment tribunal work for unfair dismissals and wrongful dismissal as well as Human Rights Act and Discrimination Act actions against employers. We utilise a contingency fee for this work and we set charges at 30% deduction from damages.  

For employment agreements we will charge whatever the contract legal fees are suggested or in default of the same £250.00.