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Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease) Claims

Periodontal disease, or gum disease (sometimes inappropriately called gingivitis)  is one of the most complex areas of dental treatment and therefore also fertile ground for dental claims. There are, it is accepted,  many potential causes of the disease and therefore, treatments for periodontal disease can also be quite wide ranging. Some people are more susceptible to periodontal conditions than others and this also means that just having good oral hygiene may not be enough for some people. 

The first line of attack for sufferers is our dentist. A dentist will perform a series of checks on our gum health every time that we go for a check up. this will involve probing the gums to test for its integrity. This probing results in a score for each section of our gums and gives the dentist an overall view of the health of gums and whether or not it is improving or deteriorating.  This scoring and examination process  will enable the dentist to help us by providing suitable advice or with specialist cleaning etc and keep this may keep the disease at bay. However, if your dentist fails to spot the early indication of the disease,  it can lead to deterioration and ultimately, severe injury. 

Periodontal disease, unless treated, can lead to tooth loss and to other conditions such as heart problems and systemic infection. If you believe that you have suffered or are suffering periodontal disease and your dentist has not picked up on this then you may have a claim. Get in contact for a free assessment. 

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We know how difficult it is to start these things, no medical or dental claim is ever easy, however, we are reliant upon you to make the first step. After that, we, as your Solicitors can take over and gather the information we need for a dental report but the first step must be yours. 


This first and simplest step is to email us or call us and have a chat about your own circumstances and what is leading to you to bring a claim. We have a lot of experience and can usually tell from the outset if there is anything there worth investigating. If there is, we can talk about funding and how to get the dental claim moving. Then that's that,  its up to you. We don't high pressure sell and we don't bug you for months to sign up we anticipate you are an adult and that if you want to, you will come back to us. 

You should never begin an action by asking how much could you get, however, we know that you will want to know if it is worth it, we will try and estimate value for you at the outset, just remember it is an educated guess not a promise. 

The Problem with Periodontal Claims

The British Periodontal Examination is frankly just the starting point for a Dental Surgeon who wants to keep an eye on  your gum health. Non Negligent Surgeons should also be considering regular bite wing radiography and if they have the facility a full OPG image of your mouth. They may even wish to consider specialist periodontal consultant referral. 

From a Claims perspective of cause, Dental Solicitors will be on the look out for these things having been missed in your dental history. However, all dental claim clients should be aware that Dental Claims are not easily won, ultimately, there is a reliance that you the patient will have done everything you could to have avoided the disease, it is for this reason that Solicitors find the Courts are prepared to make awards that have been reduced if you have missed or refused treatment or you a regular smoker etc. These are issues often manipulated by Defendant Dental Lawyers. 

We succeed on 98% of all Periodontal Claims that we litigate on. This is because at the time of the issue of court proceedings  your case will be supported by the best dental experts barristers in the UK. Most claims never get to court proceedings, they are settled by Defendants long before then. 

All Periodontal Claims are historical in nature, the allegations frequently go back 10 or more years and for this reason many Solicitors just do not understand them or want them. It is an undeniable skill bringing these actions and it is not one for amateurs. Instruct Law-Med Solicitors today. 

All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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