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Surgical Error - Surgical Claims

Surgical Error is rare, however, it has the capacity to create the catastrophic injuries that ruin a persons life. No Win No Fee agreements for Surgical Claims are among the most complex most demanding litigated actions that a person can bring and they hold unique challenges for Medical Negligence Lawyers. Do not run any risks with your surgical claim, instruct a Law Society Approved Clinical Negligence Panel member to run your case. It means the best most up to date agreements and it means access to the best experts in medical litigation. 

Negligent Surgery

Any potential Claimant must begin by recognising that surgical claims are NEVER straightforward, even if there has been an apology and an admission, The arguments can still turn against you. 

A Surgeon is a Consultant level Clinician with typically years of specialist training and a broad base of clinical experience behind  him or her. They have strong reputations and do let claims pass by easily, if they believe that they are not in the wrong. 

The biggest mistake that people make is to rush into the claim before the investigation has finished. In surgical claims, every move has to be planned carefully in advance. It is no place for amateurs . 

The psychiatric damage that accompanies any surgical claim is likely to be significant. We have access to experts who specialise in the psychiatric post dramatic stress disorder (PTSD) that often follows poor surgical outcomes. Frequently our experts can recommend behavioral therapy or even medication if you are depressed and this can often be a faster route to treatment than would normally be obtainable from your local NHS trust.  Contact Law Med Solicitors today to discuss your requirements. 

All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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