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Prescriptions and Claims Against Pharmacies


The management of prescription medicine can be challenging. A GP above all is aware that the responsibility for maintaining and establishing regular and appropriate medication use falls on them. It is not enough to simply say "take this pill" and then sit back and wait for improvements in health to show.  Medication must be regularly assessed, it must be questioned whether it is effective, whether an increase or decrease in dose is appropriate, whether the patient is still responding adequately to it and wither there is any real advantage  in continuing or stopping medication or even in changing to a more efficient medication?


In some cases the dangers of addiction to prescription medication are easily signposted. The medication itself normally indicates if there is a tendency towards dependence and even if not then a simple internet search can typically be undertaken to double check that the medicine is not being inadvertently delivered. In many cases the nature of the medication is well known and therefore a periodic review of the meds should be undertaken to ensure that they have not become part of the problem. 

When a GP prescribes medication, most people outside of a hospital environment then visit their local pharmacy to collect that medication. Increasingly this pharmacy is located within the same building as the clients regular supermarket. 


However, mistakes can be made which can result in the wrong medication (wrong prescription) being given out. A wrongly dispensed prescription means that you wont be receiving and taking the medication which was prescribed to help your symptoms. Typically it will also mean that someone else out there is taking your medication and it is not doing them any good either. 


Your condition may be getting worse, when it should be getting better. these errors can have serious implications. If your condition worsens as a result of not getting the correct medication, or from side effects of incorrect medication, then this can cause pain, suffering and financial losses. When it comes to making a compensation claim against a pharmacy there are a number of things that you could claim for, including:

  • Right medication wrong dose

  • Wrong prescription altogether

  • Wrong advise regarding medication

  • damaged, out of date or infected medication

The important issue with these claims is often to move quickly to preserve the evidence. Frequently packaging and prescription receipts can be misplaced or even retained by the pharmacy post correction, it is often very difficult in these situations to get to the bottom of what the problem was. 

Try and photograph everything so that there is a some preservation of this evidence and get in touch. It is essential to move these things along quickly. However, the first priority remains - you must get your correct medication sorted out and you need to recommence this as soon as possible.