What is Solicitor Professional Negligence

Most people will never use the services of a solicitor at some point in their life perhaps other than to deal with a property sale or purchase or perhaps a will. When you do use a solicitor, they have clear standards that they must maintain on your behalf. They have to provide a minimum levels of service and that includes reasonable care and skill, i they do not meet these standards then they could be a professional negligence claim against them. Professionals such as Solcitors that are negligent may be found to owe compensation to their former clients.

Your solicitor has a duty of care to you. If they breach this by making a mistake or by giving you bad advice, you can pursue them for professional negligence. Just tell us your story and we get a specialist Solicitor who will help you to recover what you’ve lost. Our experienced Solicitors will tell you whether you can claim, help you through the process, and present your case in the most compelling way. We have access to specialist legal negligence solicitors with a superb track record. These lawyers win straightforward claims as well as high value and complex ones. No matter what the issue was at the heart of your action, we can get to grips with it very quickly and assess the impact of negligence upon it. 

Will you take my Solicitor Professional Negligence Claim?

Is a Professional Negligence Action No Win No Fee?

If your solicitor has let you down and you would like to pursue a claim on a no win no fee basis then we will be happy to assess your case, free of charge. In order for a specialist solicitor to be able to take your case on under a no win no fee agreement it is necessary to establish that there has been a breach of the Solicitors duty of care. that there is a measurable financial loss as a consequence, and that the case itself is not or is no longer capable of being run. 

My Solicitor has Missed Limitation? Can I Claim

The limitation date is the length of time you have to issue a legal claim before a court or the case becomes statute barred or time barred. For any claim that involves a degree of  personal injury (such as a medical negligence claim) this period is a maximum of three years. The mistakes often occur as this date runs from either the date of the incident - for example a negligent operation - or the date that the patient could reasonably have known about it. Inexperienced clinical negligence solicitors frequently make errors in that they miscalculate when the "date of knowledge" actually is calculated. Identifying the correct limitation date can therefore require considerable legal knowledge and insight, particularly as different areas of medicine have different interpretations on how the symptoms could have communicated the knowledge to the patient. 

Limitation periods are crucial. If a limitation date is missed it will have fatal consequences for the legal case. More often that not there is no way back for the action after missing a limitation date and the prospects of pursuing justice is gone forever. It is therefore not surprising that solicitors have sleepless nights worrying about limitation dates. Regrettably mistakes are made, leaving the solicitor’s client asking, ‘Can I claim compensation if my solicitor made a time limit error? To answer that question it will be necessary to look at the specific facts of the case. However, in general if a solicitor fails to advise you on the need to issue court proceedings to avoid missing a limitation date it is likely that you will be able to claim compensation from them.

All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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