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Birth Trauma and Child Injury

The stress that is present in the labor room at delivery is clear and is understandable however, there is a big difference between that stress and anxiety that follows an unsafe practice or procedure. fortunately negligence in obstetric care is rare. Its just when it happens it can be devastating for both parents and for wider family as well as the child. 

We have dealt with multi-million pound compensation claims for hypoxic ischemic injury and consequential cerebral palsy. We also have years of experience dealing with both meconium poisoning claims and with maternal issues such as perinatal tearing and blood loss. 

These claims require massive amounts of funding and can have a roomful of experts giving very complex opinion. It is important that from day one you are not just happy but comfortable with the lawyer you have chosen to represent you, you may be working on these actions for many years. That is why we say, call us, if you are hesistent or would prefer a female solicitor etc, then we can help, if we cannot accommodate you ourselves we will find you alternatives from among the Law Societies Clinical Panel. 

We will not ask any fees and we will not mess you around, these claims are very important and we want you to have the best help possible. 

Perinatal Tearing and post partum hemorrhage are heavily defended claims by most trusts. The crucial issue is obtaining expert evidence that suppports a breach of duty. 

Fecal Incontinence should not be an outcome of normal uneventful vaginal birth, the patients who have suffered a 3c tear are those who need lifetime care and for whom claims for compensation are crucial.

Generally Third Degree tears should have prompted investigation and a serious incident report. if this is not present or has not been actioned and there is no prompt treatment,  then it raises issues of surgical vigilance.

All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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