All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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Accident and Emergency

Emergency Medicine - Intensive Care

The trip to the Accident and Emergency Department or A and E is likely to be the first step for most people suffering from a chronic or acute medical issue. Technically the A and E should be used only by those who face life threatening or severe injuries and everyone else should see the Gp at the local practice, however, increasingly the system is put under strain by other users. ​This overburdening is a problem in itself but the real issue is that it leads to less and less valuable time that could be used to treat the chronically ill and injured. As a consequence mistakes happen. This is not a a criticism of these clinicians it is a simple reality. For those who have been injured or suffered as a consequence not getting the right care, it means a claim. 

We have been running claims that are typically of this arena since we began trading. Typically Emergency Coronary care, failure to diagnose fractures or compartment syndrome and delay in treating life threatening conditions is the order of these claims but we have dealt with just about everything.

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Technical Claims are part of our Nature

Everyone who deals with our case will be either a dual qualified medical and legal professional or they will have scientific qualifications directly related to medicine. All Solicitors who deal with your case will be Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel Members.