All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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How to Choose a Medical Solicitor?


What makes us different from other Medical lawyers? Well, we are not a huge city centre firm with hundreds of paralegals, secretary's and admin staff. We do not have a human resource department, a marketing department, a payroll department or a company accountant. We are Consultant Medical Lawyers, we don't work on personal injury claims or umpteen other things, we genuinely are real specialists with low overheads and first class reputations. We focus on highly complex and high value Medical, Surgical and Dental Claims. 

Real specialist Medical lawyers belong to one of 2 specialist panels; these are the Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel and the AV M non lawyer Panel. We all have to pass a Medical law scrutiny program which checks our previous cases and reviews a  portfolio of our legal work, it has minimum standards for Medical legal conduct and lawyer knowledge. With very strict standards for all lawyers who work only in medical cases. We all have to commit to 16 hours of Medical specific training above and beyond our legal training every year.  There are nearly 100,000 lawyers in England and Wales of various levels of qualification but only about 500 genuine specialist lawyers in Medical - Clinical Law. 

So, if you instruct a lawyer through Law-Med Solicitors, you access a unique funding structure (because only a lawyer Medical Panel member can get this) you access unique experience and qualifications and you access a lawyer with the highest standards of client care and reputation. 

As Consultant lawyers we have much lower volumes of client files that city lawyers at big firms, we can dedicate real time to Medical research and to representation and when it comes to it to legal negotiation as well. We dont have targets to hit or admin staff to support and your claim will be run by a Solicitor and not a paralegal or legal clerk. Other lawyers firms envy this because they have a lot of non lawyer weight to carry. We don't, when you call, a Solicitor answers, not a receptionist, when you email, a Solicitor answers, not a paralegal or "litigation executive", when you want to talk to someone, its a Solicitor not a manager or secretary. We are Medical lawyer heavy and we feel this shows in the quality of our work.

So How to Choose a Medical lawyer?

Ultimately for every Medical Lawyer these days, reputation comes second place to being top on Google. The worst of everything you will ever buy is often among the first search results on the engine. What we believe we can all agree on is; if you are going to be stuck with a Medical lawyer for at least 6 months, you had better be sure its someone you can respect and  someone you trust. We believe that is us, call us and see if you agree..

Take  your time and get this right. 

Find a Medical lawyer you  would  have lunch with.


How long have they been qualified as Medical lawyers?


Do they have Law Society Medical  Accreditation?


Are they Dual Qualified - lawyers ? Do they have medical experience?


Do they have a track record in medical claims


How do they charge? Do they sell you insurance?


Do you get them thorughout the case or does it transfer to someone else- what continuity is there? is this Medical lawyer led?


Accreditation Clinical Negligence colour

The First thing to recognise when choosing a medical negligence lawyer for a clinical claim, regardless of whether it is a surgical, medical or dental matter is whether you actually get on with the lawyer. You are going to have to speak to them quite a lot and its certainly best if you can respect them. 

Second to that, look for lawyers who are members of the Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel. They are the creme de la creme of medical lawyers and no matter what anyone else says about themselves, if they are not panel on the lawyer members panel they are not recognised to a high degree. 

Lastly look for Medical lawyers who have medical qualifications, if they dont they will always be second fiddle in this highly specialist area. 


we as specialist medical solicitors put you at the heart of the legal action, we  are always happy to receive your call and we are always happy to have you visit or email whenever you please. We went you to recommend our services and we believe you will. 

Who is Graham Balmforth?


Mr Graham G Balmforth,  BA (Hons) LLB (Hons), DipFMS (Glasgow) Msc. (F.Med) Solicitor Advocate,  is a dual qualified Solicitor and Barrister. He is an approved and accredited member of the Specialist Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel.   For the last 12 years he has run the Dental and Medical Negligence teams at the National firm of Applebys Solicitors and he continues with this firm and several others as a Senior Consultant Solicitor on high value and complex claims. 


He has high quality experience in litigation of very high value negligence actions (over £1 million) and he is regularly consulted by other firms lawyers on complex legal medical and medical forensic issues. He lectures widely on issues of Human Tissue law as well as Medical and Dental law. He has run civil litigation actions at top 100 legal firms as well as regional practices.  He is also a postgraduate forensic medical research scientist and writes frequently on issues of medical, legal and forensic medicine interest both in the UK, Italy and the US. He maintains strong links with the UK Academy of Forensic Medical Science and he is a member of the Leeds and District Medico Legal Society. He also sits as a member of the Lay Advisory Group to the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh and is a Lay member of the Royal College Dental Surgical Council. 


Mr Balmforth indicates:

     "...I believe in treating people with integrity and I provide high levels of customer service. I am proud of the fact that a substantial proportion of my work comes from referrals from former clients and from both medical organisations and other law firms..."