All Solicitors approved by Law-Med are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and carry  full indemnification 

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The Best York Medical Solicitors?

Its certainly true these days that you can select a lawyer from anywhere, you can pick a Solicitor in London to sue another one in Newcastle and the chances are you will never meet either. However, we choose to be a York law firm and keep a Yorkshire based firm of Medical Solicitors. As Solicitors with such a local client base, we can pop round to your house to get things signed. You can drop them off at our office on  your way to work, you can come and see us at your leisure, you can even complain to our faces if you want to (we hope you don't have to!). Whilst we target our services at Yorkshire people but anyone can claim through us. We do not discriminate, not everyone can live in Yorkshire and we understand that some other places can be quite pleasant to live in.  

A Great many of our clients are in London or their legal actions are (the Court of Appeal has no Yorkshire presence so we have to go to London for it - so does everyone else) we frequently meet London clients at the Law Society meeting rooms in Chancery Lane. If this is you all you need do is request and we will arrange it. 

We choose to base our medical negligence claim practice in York and Yorkshire and we choose to be Yorkshire lawyers,  for that affords us a great many opportunities. Most of our clients are in Yorkshire towns such as Sheffield, Doncaster, Halifax, Bradford and Leeds but not all.  We also know Yorkshire accountants and Yorkshire finance brokers, we know Yorkshire personal trust lawyers and Yorkshire Wills and Probate Lawyers, we also  know who are the best Financial Advisers. We can conclude your claim and give you the best chance of securing the money and keeping or investing it if you want, and if you don't we are happy with that too. We aim to provide a high value claim which and a rapidly settled claim for you and we hope that in doing so, you will recommend us to your friends and neighbors if they ever need a lawyer. 

We should also state that we know which medical experts are best for you and which are conflicted. We maintain a database of experts who have won cases just like yours and whose views and opinions are most respected by the courts and by the insurance companies.

In short being based in Yorkshire means we know how to be the best york solicitor for you regardless of where you are. 

call today to find out how - or to book an appointment!

The Best Local


  • Experts Across the UK as well as throughout Yorkshire.

  • Experts from every clinical specialty

  • Experts with Legal Qualifications

The Best Local Solicitors

  • Law Society Clinical Panel.

  • Medical Qualifications

  • Average length of experience  23 years

  • Yorkshire Solicitors 

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  • 20% Deduction

  • Free Insurance

  • Free Will

  • Law Society Panel Solicitor

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  • Highest Service Standards